Lucien Hutcherson grew up in Ahoskie, North Carolina.  “Walter’s Grill” in Murfreesboro , NC  on Main Street across from Chowan College was one of his favorite hangouts in High school.  It started a dream of one day owning a “hot dog joint”!  That was in 1974…Later while living in Raleigh, NC, Lucien discovered “The Roast Grill” and George Poniros.  After having lunch there 1000 times in 20 years, it was determined that this would be the blueprint for the one day dream of Lulu’s.  After the economic dive of 2008 and the struggles with the financial industry, the field that Lucien had worked in for 25 years, it was decided that the time was finally right to put a plan in motion!!  After consulting with George of “The Roast Grill”, and finding that all important location (2303 Devine St. in Columbia, SC ) renovations started in February of 2010.  April 15th 2010 the dream became a reality.  George’s philosophy of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) is the theme at Lulu’s.  If you want a fantastic , ALL BEEF “hot dog” with simple toppings (mustard, chili (homemade), onions, and slaw (homemade), then Lulu’s is the place for you.  We also include cheese, jalapeno peppers, kraut, relish, and salsa!!  Of course soft drinks, chips and beer are on the menu!  A very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is a key ingredient as well.  Thank you in advance for your patronage.  Lulu’s Hot Dogs was founded in 2010 by Lucien Hutcherson.


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